photo Peter Morlok

photo Brian Dalton
The House Band in concert

at Towersey Festival
with Roger Wilson & levitating melodeon player
Chris Parkinson

CHRIS                      PARKINSON.


photo - Tommy Randell


for Chris Parkinson

Chris has played music since the age of five, starting with the harmonica, and moving on to piano, guitar, concertina, tin whistle, melodeon, piano accordion and keyboards, and even a little time playing the fiddle. He plays traditional folk music of UK, Europe and beyond, and is also no mean hand at blues, rock & roll, and even a bit of jazz.
February 2016 saw a somewhat historic milestone, it was just 60 years since Chris first played harmonica on stage. For more information on this, see Links page.

The discography is quite impressive too -
7 House Band albums, 2 solo albums, plus  sessions on approx another 60 albums, 21compilations, a video tutor for the absolute beginner on  piano accordion, a DVD tutor on Celtic Guitar Accompaniment (playing the tunes on melodeon & piano accordion for Alistair Russell to accompany on guitar, in case you were wondering) and DVDs by The Working Party, Ralph McTell & also an appearance on a Guitar Maestros DVD with Steve Tilston.

Chris was also a founder member of the much travelled and highly acclaimed "The House Band". He is still in great demand both for live performance and studio session work, and has  worked with countless people from the folk scene and beyond - Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson, Ralph McTell, Steve Phillips, Mike Harding, Steve Tilston, Martin Simpson, John Kirkpatrick, Roger Wilson, Alistair Russell, and Richard Grainger to name but a few.
In case you were wondering, Steve Phillips is a very highly highly regarded blues singer and guitarist, and also a member of the world-renowned Notting Hillbillies.
Chris has worked with Steve for many years in The Rough Diamonds who usually play in The Grosvenor Hotel, Robin Hood's Bay every Tuesday evening.
(see Discography page)

Chris has also worked with Ralph McTell & Billy Connolly on the BBC TV series :- " Billy Connolly`s  World Tour Of England Ireland & Wales"
I have lost count on the number of times this series has been screened

For more information see Links page

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