Germany 2005 with the John Wright Band
photo - Peter Morlok

- in no particular order -

The Marine Hotel

Alistair Russell

Maartin Allcock

Ricky Medlock (photographer)

John Kirkpatrick

Bryan Ledgard (photographer)

Flossie Malavialle

Richard Grainger

The Box Place

Roland FR7

on drums down at The Grosvenor

Below are a couple of
not-very-serious pics
by Bryan Ledgard

Sultans by the River Sid
photo - Bryan Ledgard

Music Room stand at Sidmouth Festival 2004
pictured with Maki Koizumi & daughter from Japan.
pic taken by Masayoshi Koizuma

A Beer In Madeira, March 2012

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand Nov 2011
on tour with Richard Grainger

The Sultan Parky Trio
pic by Bryan Ledgard,
tasteless aditing by Sultan Parky


Links, News & Contacts.

Town Hall Tower,
Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany


for Chris Parkinson

If you missed Guitar Stories featuring Mark Knopfler on
Sky Arts
watch the trailer here

The programme has been repeated at least six times since the original date of transmission
, so it must be very popular indeed....

Surprise guests down at The Grosvenor in Robin Hood's Bay at the end of March 2012 were a Sky Arts film crew and guitarist Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame (together with John Illsley, bass player with Dire Straits) Mark sat in with our band - Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds for a few numbers. Steve and Mark played together in the Leeds-based Duolian String Pickers from1968 for a few years and have remained friends ever since.
They also played together in the band
The Notting Hillbillies.
L to R - Steve, Mark, Jack, CP, Burt & just out of shot Phil Moore on piano
(CP on Roland FR7)

War Horse
School Of Folk Music

at the Royal National Theatre studio

photo by Stella Scott film maker

The class of March 2012
Led by John Tams (front, centre)
with a guest appearence by Songman Bob Fox (back, right) Mentors for the week were
Nancy Kerr, John Kirkpatrick & yours truly (looking a lot like Bob Fox's brother - if he has one)
It was an absolutely splendid week.
Nathan Koci & John Milosich, two cast members of the New York-based production of War Horse were also there.
They were playing a 'two-man' Songman and toured extensively throughout the US.

A new CD by Alistair Russell and Chris Parkinson entitled
'A Glass And A Mile' was released in 2013 in time for a tour of Germany in March of that year for Magnetic Music

Garstang Morris Men
After a gap of approx 37 years I re-joined the ranks of the Garstang Morris Men.
There was a warm-up performance at Weeton Village Gala on 7th July. The team was fab. There are some film clips to be found on YouTube.
On Sept 8th there was an appearance at the world-famous
Preston Guild.
This event happens only once in every 20 years and for some of the team members it was be their third time at the Guild.
I missed the 1992 Preston Guild because I was probably on tour in U.S. or somewhere else in the world with The House Band.
However, the Guild 2012 was fun.

The Sultans Of Squeeze

Here are two quotes from some of the people who were in the audience at The Royal Oak in Lewes in .......

"Well, it was a FANTASTIC night - JK & CP were absolutely superb! I'm
playing their album as I write this..."

"What a cracker!
I've seen them both before
lots of times but never together.
What a double act! So funny, so musical."

The piano accordion tutor for absolute beginners
from The Music Room is still available on DVD.
There are still people who want to learn to play piano accordion.
Click on the Music Room link on this page.

There is a live CD from Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds. It was recorded during various Tuesday night sessions down at The Grosvenor Hotel in Robin Hood's Bay, so we decided to call it The Grosvenor Sessions.
I'm playing the Roland FR7 * on most of the tracks and a few on my trusty Roland JV80 keyboard.

Most recent appearances of the FR7 * have been on the Sky Arts series Guitar Stories and also on new albums by Ralph McTell, Steve Tilston and Pete Morton (see Discography page) Before that I was fortunate to get the opportunity to play on a couple of tracks of Joe Longthorne's album which was due for release to coincide with his UK tour. I was in a studio near Blackpool for that recording session.

The FR7 * is a 120 bass, full size instrument.
There are over 30 different accordion types plus orchestral instruments within this very impressive bit of kit. It looks like an accordion, sounds like one, plays like one, but doesn't have any reeds.

I use it all the time with Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds.
There are no feedback problems, & enough volume to compete with drums, bass & guitars.

It has now had an upgrade to its software.
Operating system version 2 has now been installed which enables orchestral sounds to be played on the bass chord buttons.
For example you can have saxophone on the treble side, an orchestral string bass on on the bass side plus sax section playing chords. Really good in band situations. There was a feature on the FR7 and others in the FR virtual accordion series in a back edition of fRoots.

Now ......... the mention of me being on stage at a very early age - (see Biography page) It was at Haslingden Public Hall, Rossendale, Lancashire, during February 1956 in a production of the pantomime Jack And The Beanstalk. I was dressed in a cowboy suit that I got for Christmas a few weeks earlier.
All my relatives were suffering intense levels of stress at the time. Me? No, not at all, I don't think a kid of five (almost 6 ) in 1956 got stress, that was just for the old people. There is a small photo of me on the front of the Parky CD, 2nd one up, left hand side. In fact, all the pics are of me at various stages of musical development right through from 1955 up to about 1997. The photos were all saved by my mother including a few press cuttings. The CD design was by my old chum Bryan Ledgard.
I played a radio hit of the day"The Man From Laramie" & maybe the "Irish Washer Woman" too on a Hohner harmonica that was also a Christmas present along with the cowboy suit.
Snappy dresser or what?

A Beer In Albania.

This is for all the people who enjoy a cold beer in a hot climate.

Two holiday beers in Crete.


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with Ralph McTell
photo - Mark Tucker

Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds
circa 2008 L to R;- Steve Phillips,
Kev Butler, Phil Moore,
Chris Parkinson & Jack Gibson

The John Wright Band 2002
photo - Peter Morlok

with Norma Waterson
& Martin Carthy

photo Vic Smith

Simpson, Carthy & Parkinson
photo - Bryan Ledgard

with Alistair Russell
photo - Stuart Trumper

with John Kirkpatrick at Sidmouth
photo - Bryan Ledgard

with Martin Carthy in Venice,
Grand Canal in background
photo - Eliza Carthy

with Richard Grainger @ Whitby
photo Maria Silmon

Pete Young & Chris Parkinson
St Matthews Church Grosmont 1991
photo - Ian Macdonald

young Parky in a studio about 1980
pic by Chris Pollington